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Red Vine Leaf extract gel benefits for tired legs and varicose

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What is Red Vine leaf extract and it is benefits for health?
last update: 9-11-2019According to Dr Sarah Brewer’s publication about Red grapes are well-known for their beneficial antioxidants, and red vine leaf extracts are derived from the leaves of the same grapevine, Vitis vinifera. Red vine leaves are harvested when they achieve a rich red colour and have the highest content of antioxidant polyphenols. Their extracts are used medicinally for their circulatory effects, especially within leg veins. They reduce inflammation, stabilise the endothelial lining of capillaries and veins, and promote their repair to reduce swelling of the ankles.

Red vine leaves Remedies

Leg & Vein Massage Gel,

Red Vine Leaf gel helps maintain healthy leg vein circulation

  • Cooling Leg and vein Gel rapidly soothes and refreshes tired, heavy legs, with a special cooling action

Some other studies reports:

1: in July 2010, on European Medicines Agency website, was published an assessment report on Vitis Vitnifera that shows significant strengthening of capillary walls when formulas with extract was used on the skin.

There are some other health benefits have been observed are following:

  • A remedy for aching legs & feet and throbbing varicose veins and relive pain and itching.
  • Helps ease problems related to poor circulation.
  • Helps reduce swelling.
  • Lessens feelings of tiredness & heaviness in legs.
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