Natural remedies Red Vine Leaf Extract Gel For Vericose Veins,Tired Heavy Legs Fast Relief 250ml

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Red Vine Leaf extract gel for Varicose Veins & Tired Legs Fast Relief with  natural remedy.
Fast Relief From Tired And Heavy Legs by our natural ingdridients gel byNutraTrends Supplements
Red Vine Leaf extract has a long history of use, particularly as a
treatment for vein disorders
Red Vine Leaf Extract contains Flavonoids, which may help maintain healthy circulation in the legs and soothe that heavy, tired, aching feeling. The use of red vine leaf for healing dates back to ancient times. Galen, a doctor in 2nd Century AD, employed it as a medicine and in medieval literature medical indications for the herb are also found. In many European countries, the leaves of the vine have long been used in folk medicine. Infusions and poultices were prepared from vine leaves for the relief of skin disorders,rheumatic complaints, but above all vein problems of the lower limbs. Red vine leaf extract gets to work quickly to reduce swelling, pain and leg heaviness Size: 250 ml  sealed white plastic tub. Ingredients: Aqua,Isopropyl,Alocohol,Polysorbate-20,Vitis Viniferra Leaf Extract,Sodium Hydroxide,Carbomer,Propylene Glycol, Parfum,AllantoinPhenylpropanol Alcohol Limonene,Cl 1470,16255 How to use: Massage the gel into your legs with a gentle but firm action, beginning at your ankles and working your way up the legs.Apply when needed throughout the day. There is not a certail numbers of application established.  (Topical application only) Use within 12 months of first opening   Disclaimer:All content on this site is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a medical practitioner, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur. NutraTrends Red Vine Gel is Vegan not tested on animals .no Parabens and its PH neutral
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