Kids Probiotics Complex MultiStrains,1 billion Culture chewable Vegan Tablets

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NutraTrends present another high quality UK made Acidophilus complex Multi strains for kids & adults. Probiotics for Kids Strawberry Flavor Chew Able 1 billion Live Culture Tablets.New Product, Sealed zip foilpack . Fresh inventory. Good expiration dates. Probiotics Kids are is a once daily chewable strawberry for children to help promote healthy digestive flora. It's |Multi-strain formula is made up of Bifidobacteria and lactobacillus strains including acidophilus providing 1 billion CFUs. Vegan, Non Gmo, Nod Dairy, Produced in UK Probitocs Kids MultiStrains Ingredients :(Per Tablet) 1 Billion Cfu's Per Tablet Providing. L.Acidophilus 240 Million B.bifidus 240 Million L.Casei 160 Million L Rhamneous 160 Million L Plantarum 100 Million S.Thermophilus 100 Million Tablet size: 16mm round. Usage: Adult only: Take 1 tablet per day, do not exceed the dose Recommendation age for children consumption, like with many other foods or sweet items, parents need to decide whether the child is developed enough to chew and.swallow correctly  to avoid choking, but unlikely to be under the age of four.The active ingredient can be beneficial at any age dependent on individual circumstances. As with many products if unsure, seek medical advice.
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